We have loved living in this flat.  It was a cozy little nook last winter while I was pregnant, it is where our daughter was born, has been the site of so many happy dinners, long baths, baby loving, planning over coffees, growing in the allotment, and dreaming.  We have learned so much in this flat, being parents, sprouting seeds, and living with each other.

The problem is spending literally thousands and thousands of pounds in rent isn’t really compatible with our dream of working less, and saving up to one day buy a place of our own (not to mention that city living isn’t really our jam).  We don’t want Henry to be away working for most of the year, leaving Bel and I alone and missing out on her babyhood.

What we need is a little place of our own.  Without a mortgage.  Somewhere tiny that doesn’t use a huge amount of expensive and finite resources.

Maybe on wheels.

Like many of the other crazy adventures we have had into in our time together, we have decided to jump in with both feet and have bought a 7.5 ton truck which we are now busily converting into a cozy, 220 square foot family home for the four of us.  Stay tuned…

We ride!


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