Build Progress

008Henry and I were both, in school, the kind of pupils who left their homework to the last possible minute.  The pressure of having to do it RIGHT NOW is, for better or for worse, a great motivator.  With that in mind, let me give you the lowdown on our timeline for our build.  Not for us doing a few hours a day, in between other things,for months on end.

We have given ourselves just under three weeks.

What that looks like in practice is a more than full time, very physical job for Henry, and a part time, less physical job for me (accompanied by baby and dog wrangling, and keeping him going with lots of good food).  It is definitely hard, but also crazy exciting.

ANYWAY, we are now halfway through week one of the build!  Just to remind you, before we started doing anything to the truck it looked like this:truck backStep one was to strip it back, getting rid of all the crappy wooden boards and floor siding.  I was able to strap Bel onto my back where she napped while I unscrewed the billion screws holding these boards in place.  Once it was all stripped back, it was time to add in the studwork which will be the framework of our home.005

It is important to add new studwork using treated wood because it is the skeleton of our house, on which the walls and ceiling are going to hang.  If something is worth doing it’s worth doing properly the first time.009Yes, we are just working on it on a road.  When you have a giant truck that is 8 feet wide you are somewhat limited with where you can put it.

So- studwork in, what next?  I came to the truck with a coffee and croissant for Henry to find this:019

Well, firstly I saw a man working without proper safety footwear, which I quickly told him off for.

Then I saw… a freaking great hole in the wall!  That became…022Our kitchen window!  This window cost a total of £4 (but that’s a story for another time).  This window is one meter square, to give you an idea of how gigantic our truck is.  It is going to be above the kitchen sink, to look out of while washing dishes.

Just add another window in the bedroom and that is what I would call a very successful four days work.  truck

Up next- insulation!



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