We can’t talk about our inspiration without mentioning George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, which we have loved watching since this project was just a tiny jelly like dream and we didn’t know if we’d be living in an Airstream, shipping container, or horsebox.

There are a lot of places, properties and things that have inspired us, and a big one is this-



We found these pictures a long time ago, way before we bought the truck (they are not my photos, they are from a now defunct Canopy and Stars page) and before we had seen the Amazing Spaces episode that features this place.

It sums up a lot of what we’re after- warm, wooden, cozy, decorative and also functional.

Because we are working on the truck on the side of a road, a lot of people walk by and have a peek.  One day as we were working a man passed with his little boy and stuck his head round the corner.  He asked if we were converting it, and said he had done several trucks himself.  We chatted for a while about insulation, mechanics and electrics and then he mentioned that one of his conversions had been featured on the show.

It was none other than the one pictured above, the one that we had grabbed screenshots of on our phones and been looking at and dreaming about for months.  Sometimes serendipity tell us we are following the right path.


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