Build Progress II


If we are comparing our truck to a human body (and really, why wouldn’t we?) last week we built the skeleton, and this week we have added a system of veins and a little bit of subcutaneous fat and skin.  Is this a gross analogy?  I’m going with it.

Anyway, we now have the outline of our wiring and plumbing, insulation and (most of) a ceiling.  We used spray on foam insulation for most of the walls as width is at a premium, and rockwool for the roof where we can afford to lose a few more inches.  Our bedroom area was already insulated, which is nice.  The windows are totally sealed, and have been thoroughly tested for leaks by the week of horrible rain we’ve had.  The truck had its MOT yesterday which it did not pass (“failed” is such an ugly word) but luckily it is all minor stuff that Henry can fix.  So progress marches on, and every day we are closer to moving in!



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