Build Progress III

We are coming down to the crunch over here; we need to be out of our flat on Tuesday.  We are very lucky to have family nearby(ish) so we won’t be on the street clutching our dog and a bucket of cloth nappies, but most likely Henry will stay down here to finish the truck and Bel and I will head up to my parents’ house for a week or two.

This is a huge undertaking, and Henry is doing it pretty much all himself.  Most of the work isn’t very compatible with baby wrangling, so there is only so much I can help with.

Anyway, the point is- working… working… working… PROGRESS!!

We have walls!


And the framework of a bathroom!


And gas pipes and electric wires to all the places they need to go!

010 011

It is really exciting to be able to start picturing it and really getting a feel for how the space is going to be.  It is making me excited to start thinking about decorating!

Up next- bedroom and floors.  Fancy fancy floors.





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