Sloe Vodka Recipe


Part of our reason for moving into our tiny new home is slowing down.  Not having to work so much and rush around.  Being able to enjoy every minute of our lives, our meals, our walks, our daughter growing up, each other.

The same with cooking.  Sometimes you want to make a stirfry that takes five minutes, and sometimes you want to make bread that takes three days.  Sometimes you want to take some rum and shake it with lime and ice, and sometimes you want to mix some vodka or gin with some tiny fruits and put them in a cupboard and forget about them for a year.


I picked a billion sloes.  I have already made some sloe gin, but wanted something a little different, that lets the characters of the sloes take centre stage.  If you prefer you can prick them all with a pin, but I whack them in the freezer.  We are slowing down here, but we’re not made of spare time.  Then, whenever you are ready, gather your things!


Here is what you need:

-1 Litre of Vodka (or gin, of course)

-600g (1lb6oz) sloes

-200g (8oz) sugar *This is a bit lower than the sugar content in a lot of recipes, but you can’t do it with much less than this or the osmosis that gets out all the sloe flavour doesn’t work.

-A good quality jar.  *This is very important.  If you buy the cheapest jar you can find you end up with sloe gin/vodka all over your hands which means you waste your liquor, and have sticky hands.  Don’t ask me how I know.


Combine first three ingredients in last ingredient.  Shake.  Shake again a few minutes later and repeat until all the sugar is dissolved.  Put in a cupboard.  Shake every few days or whenever you come across it.  Eventually stop shaking it and force yourself to forget about it.  It will be beautiful and dark purple and ready in three months, but the longer you leave it the better.  I am hoping we can hold off ours for a year (yeah right).


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