Build Update V

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There is nothing to do at this stage but keep plugging away.  Henry is spending hours each day working on the truck, laying the floor, waterproofing the roof, adding new air dryers and exhaust silencers.  There are enough different things to do that it is never boring, but it is still physically exhausting and mentally draining.  The good news is… she has an MOT!  We are road legal and able to drive!  (If anyone is wondering how on earth we are allowed to drive this humongous thing, Henry got his licence before 1997, meaning he can drive anything up to 7.5 tonnes, which seems crazy, but there you go.)

Processed with VSCOcamHow does one fit in an exhaust silencer?  An air dryer,?  What exactly are these things and what do they do?  All of these are excellent questions, and ones I am unable to answer.  One of these days (maybe when we are looking back on the build from a less balls to the wall get-it-done get-it-done perspective) Henry can write a few posts that answer all of these very legitimate technical queries.

Anyway, if you are tired of looking at the engine-y parts and roof waterproofing (or “flashing” as it is hilariously called) and are thinking to yourself “yeah yeah Jess, air dryers are all well and good, show me some DECOR”, feast your eyes on this-811119548_16352


Why yes, that is beautiful solid hardwood parquet flooring.  One of the great things about building in a tiny space is that you can afford to do things to a really high standard.  We are doing it very frugally, and paying with our time (by spending hours scraping bitumen off the back of parquet pieces) but doing it well.


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