Build Update VI: Parquet for Days

Last week I showed you guys our amazing reclaimed parquet flooring that Henry had spent hours (and hours and hours and hours) scraping, cleaning and laying in a millimeter-perfect herringbone pattern.  All of that painstaking work is great, but it isn’t everything that had to be done.

Here is a reminder of how the floor looked while it was being laid:


(And yes, that is a sneaky preview of our adorably beautiful wood burning stove in the top right corner)

Anyway, it was all that dark brown colour that soaked up light like a sponge.  So Henry rented a gigantic sander and started stripping it back.

IMG_20141029_085959You can already see how much more beautiful it is!


And this is the whole floor sanded!  The wood is actually gorgeous!  No more gross dark brown varnish!

Then it was time to add our new varnish, to seal the wood and protect it, and bring out the colour and grain a bit more.  It turned out even more beautiful than I’d hoped:


This is the finished floor in all of it’s glory.  I think this will be the perfect floor for Bel to learn to crawl on.  It is also exciting because, now that the floor is finished, we can start adding other things such as the kitchen!  Furniture!  The sky is the limit for things we can put on this beautiful surface!

Also we ended up with this:


A bucket of sawdust that will come in very useful when we make the composting toilet.

I know that updates here have been a bit sparse recently, that is partly due to the fact that the floor took a while (it was a huge amount of work) so there hasn’t been much exciting to report, but also because I am still up here in Surrey while Henry is in Sussex working on the truck.  Henry is sending me photos from his phone, but hopefully very soon our little family will be reunited and living in the truck!  That is also when a lot of the exciting finishing off bits (like building the kitchen, decorating, etc) will be happening, and I really look forward to being able to document and share all that stuff.

Updated to add: Henry wanted me to give a shout out to Parquet Parquet who were an amazing resource for information on how to lay the floor, as well as really nice guys who identified the type of wood as Sapele. If you are considering parquet (and really, why wouldn’t you?) they are fantastic!


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