Shifting Priorities


We have finally stayed in the truck as a family!  It is a lot like camping at the moment, as we have no cooker or running water (though we do have an oven, warm bed, lights, and drainage).  Our first night was in a beautiful and peaceful little spot by the seafront in Brighton.  There are always vehicles parked there and it was a no-brainer for where we wanted to spend our first night.  All of our neighbours were really friendly and we went to the Ginger Pig to treat ourselves to an outstanding steak to celebrate being reunited in the truck.

We found that our priorities completely shifted in a week of living in the space.  Part of the reason is that the weather went from about twenty degrees to three, and also just because living somewhere lets you really get a feel for how you are going to use it.  For example, a back door shot up the priorities list, quickly overtaking a cooker and hot water.  Rolling up the shutter and lowering the tailgate every time we wanted to come in or out was not very realistic, and Henry finished our beautiful back wall and door today.  Also climbing the charts is a wood burner, which will be installed very soon.

One of the really awesome things about doing the build ourselves is the ability to do this- if we had hired someone to build this truck for us we would have had to decided what we wanted in advance, and waited for it all to be done.  It is great to be able to actually live in and use the space, before thinking “okay, we need a plug socket here, and another window there might be nice, and we probably need to think about doing this before that”.  It also means we are able to consider child proofing as we’re building, rather than running around trying to make safe everything in an old house.

It is a process that takes time, but is coming along.  I must just point out again because I’m so in awe of him that Henry is doing all of this himself.  I apologize for the lack of posts recently, I didn’t take my computer on our little jaunt, or my camera, but will be making sure I have both in the future!


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