The last time we wrote we were heading to beautiful North Carolina to visit my dad for two weeks, which turned into a month, and I thought it was prudent not to tell the world that our truck house was sitting empty.  When we got back it was Christmas, we are planning a wedding in, typical for us, a very last-minute fashion, and between that and baby wrangling, life came before writing.  Anyway, all of this is a very round about way of apologizing for the radio silence here, and a sincere hope that we won’t go this long without speaking again!

ANYWAY, on with the update!  We don’t have a lot of news on the build front- not because a lot hasn’t been happening, actually A LOT has been happening, but without any beautiful pictures to illustrate our progress I am going to wait and tell you guys about that later.

What I am here to tell you about is our exciting truck adventures!  We have taken her on her first road trip, and in typical Henry and Jess style, decided that rather than a little jaunt over the West Sussex border, we would ride to the complete other side of the country and head to Scotland.  We spent a night in Brighton, then were off!  One reason life in a truck is amazing is because you get to wake up to views like this out of your bedroom window:

Processed with VSCOcam

It was a trip full of love, adventure, sisters, cousins, trying to go over an icy ford and having to retreat and getting stuck in the mud, puppies, great food, beautiful views, finding out exactly how tall we were by going under a railway bridge and knocking the rain cover off of our chimney (just over 13’6″, if you’re wondering), firewood, sheep, and black pudding.  You get a really different perspective in the truck, both literally, because you are sitting about eight feet in the air, and also figuratively, because you are speed limited to 56mph, and between that and travelling with a baby it took us about five days to get up the country, and two or three to get back down.  This relaxed pace of road tripping isn’t ideal if you need to get somewhere in a hurry, but is really wonderful in it’s own way.  Anyway, the truck was a trooper. she rode 2000km without a complaint, and even tried to back up a giant hill (though her clutch wouldn’t take it).

Please keep an eye out for a very extensive build update coming soon, and take care of yourselves!


Processed with VSCOcam