Progress in Life

20150428_121948 (1)

There has been a lot (like, a LOT) of progress on the build since we last spoke.  We are now living in the truck full time, and although it doesn’t have a bathroom yet and there are a few little details to finish off, it is basically there.  That, however, isn’t what I am here to speak to you about today (though there will be a build update soon!).

Henry and I are the kind of people who roll through our lives thinking that things will always work themselves out for the best.  So far we have seldom been proved wrong.  However, the last time we spoke Annabel and I were in Surrey, Henry was down in Brighton, and we had no idea where we would be living.  I can’t explain, but I’m sure you can imagine, how incredibly stressful this was.  The uncertainty of putting our hearts into building this tiny truck house but knowing we might not have anywhere to park it was really difficult to deal with.

Over the winter we had been looking everywhere for a place to go.  We found a few options but none of them were really ideal for our family.  After our wedding we got back in touch with friends of friends who have a smallholding and campsite in Suffolk, and the timing now is much better for them, and once again in the amazing lives we lead, it has all worked out for the best.

So that is where we have found ourselves, on a beautiful smallholding full of awesome animals, where Annabel can crawl around on the grass, there is a toilet block to use while we build the bathroom, I am learning about animal husbandry and helped with lambing, Henry is building beehives, and we are all beyond happy.  Suffolk is absolutely gorgeous,and this little corner of it is, in my opinion, extra amazing.  The stars are incredibly bright, the people are really friendly, the pub serves good wine and food, it is really win win win.

The progress in the truck is very exciting and amazing (and we will be sharing it) but the progress in our life is kind of more exciting.  We are married, planning our move to North Carolina, living in a beautiful place in the amazing house Henry has built for us, and it is spring. Things don’t get much better.

I post more frequently as @tinyhomemaking on instagram if you want to follow along with our adventures in real time, but also stay tuned for more updates here!